Storage Tips for People Being Evicted and Facing Other Emergencies

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Does Removalist Insurance Cover You if You Pack Your Own Boxes?

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When you’re planning a move, you should consider how to protect your possessions while they’re in transit or storage. While removalists may have their own coverage to protect against problems such as public and carrier liability, companies may not automatically give you accidental damage protection. Some insurers will sell you damage coverage, but this may come with some exclusions if you’re packing your own boxes. Owner Packing Exclusions According to CHOICE, removalist damage insurance typically doesn’t fully cover items you pack or unpack yourself. Read More»

Why Should You Wash Clothes Before Putting Them in Storage?

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Washing dirty clothes before putting them in self storage may be a no-brainer, but you may also want to think about washing or dry cleaning any clothes you’ll store, even if they’re clean and unworn. Prepare for the Future If you put clean clothes in storage, you get clean clothes when you take them out. This is especially useful if you’re storing seasonal wardrobes, as your clothes will be clean and ready to wear immediately once you’ve unpacked them. Read More»

Important Factors in Cold Room Storage Selection

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Commercial refrigeration is essential in diverse sectors including food service, pharmaceuticals, general health and production industries. There are different cooling options to consider choosing for your business, and the choice will depend on the potential uses. Cold room installation is ideal for large-scale applications because they are spacious and customisable. If you are thinking about installing this type of refrigeration space in your commercial premises, consider these outlined factors before choosing your cold room. Read More»

Reasons to Hire a Professional Removals Company

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Relocating to a new residence can be quite a stressful and arduous process. Not only do you have to ensure that all your belongings are in order, but you also have to organize transportation for them, load them into the new house, and finally unpack. Engaging in a house move on our own with the aim of saving some money will typically be more inconvenient than if you simply opted to enlist the services of experienced furniture removalists. Read More»

4 Important Clauses of Self Storage Unit Rental Agreements

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One of the factors that you should pay attention to when looking for a self-storage unit to rent is the rental agreement. This document spells out the terms under which you will use the facility, so you should scrutinise it carefully. This article discusses four key clauses that you should pay attention to. Charges and Fees This clause spells out the different charges or fees that you may incur during your use of the self-storage unit. Read More»