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How to Use a Shed as Your Home Office

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If you often need to get work done at home but don't have a designated space, it might be time to think of alternatives. One way is to use a large garden shed that is transformed into an outdoor office. Follow these tips to get your shed ready for a private and functional office space.

Choose a Shed With Windows

While you might keep the doors of the shed open while working outside, this might not always be the case. For example, if you want to avoid distractions from pets and other wildlife, you may want to keep that door closed. The problem is that this takes away from fresh air and natural sunlight you get while working in the shed. This is when windows come into play. While you can take a current shed and add windows to it, this does add to the overall cost and labour required to start using the shed. A better idea is to choose a new shed that already has windows installed.

Take Care of Pests First

If you are using a shed that is already outside and has been for a while, it might have some pests inside. It is not uncommon to find ants, spiders, cockroaches, or rodents inside a shed since it sits outside for long periods of time. Before you start converting it to a home office, you first need to practice pest control. Clean it out thoroughly, then spray some type of insecticide to kill any remaining pests. If it is a big problem, calling a pest control company might be necessary. You should also seal any cracks or holes in the shed to keep them from returning.

Use the Walls For Storage

Since sheds are relatively small, you need to get creative to have enough work space and also room for storage. One good way is to use the walls to your advantage. Think vertical when providing storage by adding some bookcases or lots of wall shelves. This lets you keep the floor clear for office furniture and enough room to move around, while having all papers, files, office supplies, and inventory stored on the walls around the shed office.

Get Electricity to the Shed

You may also need to consult an electrician to wire your shed for electricity. You will need to charge mobile devices, plug in your computer, and get lighting—all of which require some electricity. Using an extension cord is only a temporary method and should not be used to power everything in the shed all day long. A better option is to get actual hard wiring in the new office shed.