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How To Lease A Storage Unit

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Perhaps you have no storage space in your basement or garage? Or maybe you need room to store products for your business. Also, you can be a student looking to keep belongings in and out of your academic semester. Self-storage units provide a solution to such scenarios. If you have never rented a self-storage unit before, the following tips can help enhance your leasing experience. 

Analyse the Items 

You must analyse the items you intend to keep in a self-storage facility before leasing the space. For starters, consider the size and volume of the property. This consideration will help you decide on the size of the self-storage unit you want to rent. Then, think about the type of items and whether or not they require a climate-controlled environment. Some things such as furniture, clothes and artwork may require storage under specific humidity and temperature ranges. Also, it is illegal to store items such as guns and other hazardous materials in a storage unit. 

Consider the Location

The location of a self-storage facility should offer the benefits of proximity. Essentially, an ideal storage facility should be near your primary residence. This way, you can save time travelling to the facility. Also, proximity provides a few cost-benefits since you spend less on gas travelling to and from the storage unit. In addition, a convenient location means that you can often visit self-storage units to monitor the safety and condition of your property. 

Assess the Security 

The safety of your stored property is a genuine concern. This worry is more profound when using a self-storage unit, given that you cannot keep watch over your assets all the time. As such, take time to evaluate the security measures offered by the storage facility. Are there CCTV surveillance systems? Does the management control entry into the facility? Are there security guards and regular patrols? Such measures can deter crime. However, you may take extra steps to secure your property by investing in anti-theft locks and buying property insurance. 

Create Organization Plan and Inventory

Keeping your property in a self-storage unit requires strategies. Without proper organisation, it is hard to locate your items. Thus, you will need to create a basic illustration depicting where to find your items. In this case, consider labelling your things and keeping them in wooden or plastic boxes. Also, when organising your items, keep the heavy boxes or items on the ground to avoid fall accidents. Most notably, make sure you create an inventory of all stored property, including the value and number of items. This way, you can use the list to cross-check your items, report theft and make insurance claims. 

Do not stress about storage when you can rent unlimited space in a self-storage facility. Secure a storage unit today and enjoy convenience, flexibility, safety and affordability. Reach out to a storage unit facility near you to learn more.