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Two Ways That a Storage Unit Could Be Useful if Your Home Ever Ends Up Flooded

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If your home ever ends up flooding due to a broken pipe or some torrential rain, a storage unit could be very handy. Here are two ways in which it could prove useful in this situation.

It could protect your undamaged items from moisture

Floodwater doesn't just damage the property items it engulfs; it can also damage the goods that it doesn't have any direct contact with. Even with multiple dehumidifiers in a house, the interior of a flooded property will be damp for several days after a flood. This humidity can ruin expensive electrical gadgets, cause any photographs or prints on the walls to warp and lead to garments and soft furnishings getting mouldy.

As such, if you find yourself in this situation, you should put everything that you think is at risk of getting damp into a rented unit and leave these things there until you are confident that the dehumidifiers have reduced the humidity in your home to a normal level. Renting this unit for a fortnight or so means that you won't have to arrange to repair a huge number of your household items, and you can also reduce the size of your home insurance policy claim, which would then ensure that your premium doesn't end up rising too much because of this incident.

It could make it easier for you to air out your damp home

In combination with a few powerful dehumidifiers, ventilating your flooded home would be the best way to dry it out. You can do this by opening all of your windows and running a few desk fans in every room. However, if, for example, parts of the wet carpets and sections of the wet walls are covered by sofas, bookcases and other furniture, then less air will circulate around these areas and they'll take longer to dry out. This could make these areas mouldy and musty-smelling.

In this situation, if you had a big storage unit, you could put this furniture into it for about a week and thus ensure that every part of the damp floors and walls get exposed to enough air to allow them to dry out quickly. This would not only reduce the chances of you having to fully redecorate these areas but would also enable you to get your home back to its normal condition as quickly as possible.

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