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Storage Units | 4 Steps For The Working Professional To Pack A TV Table For Self-Storage

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If you're in a job that requires you to take up temporary work assignments elsewhere, chances are you have to move out of your home briefly to live in a new work location. When you need to leave your home temporarily, placing household items in a self-storage unit is smart because it allows you to hold on to them until you return. This guide is designed to help working professionals pack TV tables for self-storage units.

Remove The Drawer Handles And Other Removable Protrusions

Protrusions like door handles and wheels on TV tables could easily get damaged when they are being transported to the self-storage unit, so your best option is to unscrew them. Make sure you keep them close because it's easy to lose them in the process of storing all your items and you probably won't find them when you return. Once you remove these protrusions, place them in a plastic bag and leave them in any drawers or cupboards of the TV table.

Cover The Corners With Polystyrene Foam

The corners of the TV table are always most vulnerable to damage because they could be hit during transport to the self-storage unit. The best way to prevent this from happening is to place polystyrene foam sheets on all the corners of the TV table –– at the top and the bottom. This ensures that these vulnerable areas have a soft foam covering, which provides the additional layer of protection needed.

Wrap The TV Table In A Thick Blanket

Before placing the TV table in the storage unit, be sure to wrap it in a thick, soft blanket. Avoid any abrasive materials because this could end up creating unsightly scuffs and scratches on the TV table. Avoid using plastic covers because plastic is not breathable. This will cause moisture to form inside, which could warp wooden TV tables. Moisture also encourages the growth of mould and mildew on other TV table materials, which could end up damaging them over time. Your TV table is now ready for the self-storage unit. 

Avoid Keeping TV Tables Against Walls 

Self-storage unit walls carry a great deal of moisture, so avoid placing the TV table against them to prevent mould and mildew from growing on them. TV tables tend to be stronger than other pieces of furniture because they are designed to accommodate your TV sets, so you can place other items on them. But make sure they are not too heavy or the TV table will end up bending under the weight.

Before leaving for your work assignment, follow these smart steps to pack a TV table for the self-storage unit.