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Important Factors in Cold Room Storage Selection

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Commercial refrigeration is essential in diverse sectors including food service, pharmaceuticals, general health and production industries. There are different cooling options to consider choosing for your business, and the choice will depend on the potential uses. Cold room installation is ideal for large-scale applications because they are spacious and customisable. If you are thinking about installing this type of refrigeration space in your commercial premises, consider these outlined factors before choosing your cold room.

Design Aspects

The design of the cold room structure will affect the expediency and efficiency. Therefore, you should analyse and compare different cold storage facilities before deciding on the best match for your business. The cold room walls will affect the refrigeration efficiency, so you should evaluate the module. Ideally, a wall with thick insulation is ideal for regular and deep freezing applications while the standards cool rooms for vegetable storage can be less stringent.

The floor is also an important design consideration in the refrigeration structure. If you install the cold room on a normal cool floor, ice will build up on the surface. This is inconvenient for people who use the space and it poses falling hazards. You should select a refrigerator which is compatible with floor heating systems. This feature will keep the floor free from ice and, consequently, safe. Additionally, ensure that the shape, size and door design matches your expectations.

Refrigeration System

The type of refrigeration system used in cold room storage is an important aspect. Generally, cold rooms are serviced by an evaporator which draws heat from the inner compartment and a condenser which releases the heat. However, different refrigeration systems are derived from this basic concept. If you are interested in a simple cold room with a single temperature zone, you should choose clip-on refrigeration. This is designed with the evaporator and condenser in the same housing.

On the other hand, the remote condensing system separates the two units, so they are connected via pipelines. This is more efficient in releasing heat, so it is suited for large storage rooms. If you want to install several connected cold storages at an economical price, you will need a centralised refrigeration facility. The system is perfect for large operations like supermarkets and warehouses.

Temperature Regulation

You should choose a cold room facility with ideal temperature regulation capabilities. Ideally, you should have a control panel in which you can set the preferred settings, and the cold room should be able to sustain them. Additionally, consider installing a facility with separate cool zones for maximum functionality.